Evolutionary Psychology

  • 'Do sexually transmitted parasites manipulate human sexual behavior?' at Ancestral Health Society, Boulder CO, 2016 (39 min) watch
  • 'Sexual selection for human mental traits' at EvoS Lecture Series, SUNY New Paltz, 2014 (75 min) watch 
  • 'Our mating minds' at Ciudad de las Ideas, Puelba, Mexico, 2011 (26 min) watch 

Consumer Behavior

  • 'Virtue signaling by consumers and companies' at Nudgestock, Folkestone, UK, 2017 (24 mins) watch 
  • 'Virtue signaling in marketing and branding' at L2 Forum, New York, 2016 (23 min) watch
  • 'Human instincts behind prestige consumption' at L2 Forum, New York, 2013 (17 min) watch
  • 'Trait-signaling instincts can drive conspicuous consumption' at NYU Stern Business School, 2013 (20 min) watch 
  • 'Sexual selection and business ethics' at NYU Stern Business School, 2013 (5 min) watch
  • 'Evolution and conspicuous consumption' at TEDxABQ, 2011 (21 min) watch

Effective Altruism

  • 'Virtue signaling and effective altruism' at EA Global, Berkeley, CA, 2016 (24 min) watch slides plus audio
  • 'The psychology of Effective Altruism', Psychology Dept Colloquium, University of New Mexico  slides 

Research Methods

  • 'The smartphone revolution in the behavioral sciences' at Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University, 2013 (73 min) watch